We are Al-Associates Group, an international business complex that acts as a bridge between Japan and Muslim countries, which is headquartered in Tokyo, and has a branch office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, crisscrossing the counties around Asia-Pacific region. We are not only a halal-certification body that certifies and exports Japanese products to Muslim countries but also a trading and consulting house.  We would like to contribute to the growth of Japanese agriculture and other primary industries utilizing our multiple and well-organized functions.

Company Name : Al-Associates Group Limited
Establish Date :    March 24 2016
Honorary Chairman : Nobutoshi Akao, the former Secretary General, ASEAN-Japan Centre,  and the former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand
Managing Director : Hirokazu Yoshida
Director : MD Jahangir Kashem
Director : Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Eidan, the former bureaucrat of Ministry of Religion, the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Executive Advisor : Toshio Uzawa, the former General Manager, department of Heavy Electric Machinery, Toshiba Corporation
2-120, Hasu, Ogaki, Gifu, 503-0811,  Japan
Phone: +81-584-75-5393
URL: http://www.al-associates.asia/

Five business units and regional organizations in Japan and abroad work closely together and leverage the integrated Corporate Strength of the Group in a wide range of business performed globally to cover up-stream, that is, resource development, manufacturing, etc., mid-stream like distribution and down-stream, that is, retailing service, etc. with developing a value chain.

Al-Associates Group Limited is the core company of Al-Associates Group, which is headquartered in Tokyo, and has a branch office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is an international company that acts as a bridge between Japan and Muslim countries. The other three firms under the group include Al-Halal Associates Limited, Al-International Associates Limited, Asia-Pacific Economic Council and GENYADO Inc.

Al-Halal Associates Limited is a halal-certification organization headquartered in Dhaka. It certifies several Japanese foods, meats, processed foods, etc. through its Halal Board in Dhaka. Al-International Associates Limited is a trading house and exports certified products to Muslim countries. Asia-Pacific Economic Council in an employment agency that introduces skilled and superior human resource such as engineers and apprentices from Bangladesh to Japanese companies. GENYADO Inc. mainly works as a coordinator of medical tours and halal tours as well as products sales company from Muslim countries in Japan.

Mar 2017  NDA with Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.
May 2017  Dispatched Hitachi brand cash sorting machines to Trust bank
Aug 2016  Dispatched Hitachi brand cash sorting machines to Rupali Bank

Our Mission

Through activating communications between Muslim countries and Japan, we will build a society that will realize a permanent peace beyond nations and ethnic groups, working together and strengthening communication.

Our Vision
We will be a trustworthy leading company that activates human resources, culture and economic exchanges between Japan and Muslim countries.